A filling is a commonly-used treatment for restoring a decayed tooth to a natural look and practical function. A filling will be needed when a tooth has been damaged by decay.


First the dentist will remove all of the decayed portion of the tooth. This leaves an empty space that is commonly called a cavity. The dentist will thoroughly clean the area of the tooth that has been affected by the decay. Finally, the dentist will fill the cavity with the filling. The filling makes the tooth look whole again, and it also seals off the tooth to help prevent future decay.


There are a variety of options available for fillings. The material that is used for your filling will depend on factors such as the size of the cavity, the placement of the cavity, and your budget.

Gold is considered to be the best and most durable material for fillings. It is also the most expensive.

Silver fillings had been the most common for many years. While they are less expensive than gold, their silver colorings make them much more noticeable than other options hence making it less desireable. Silver had been used primarily for teeth that are not in visible areas or for temporary teeth that will eventually be lost.

Composite resins can be colored to match the color of your natural teeth. This means that your smile will look more natural.

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