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If you have teeth that are slightly cracked, chipped, or slightly discolored, bonding is a solution that can give you the confidence to show your beautiful smile and perhaps even improve your ability to chew your food thoroughly. Bonding is a quick and usually simple method of filling in minor chips and breaks in front teeth.


A tooth colored composite resin material can be chemically adhered or “bonded” to your teeth to repair damage. This is a cost effective solution as it’s significantly less expensive compared to crowns and veneers. Bonding can often be completed in a single office visit, doesn’t typically require anesthesia unless it’s replacing a filling, doesn’t require multiple visits, and it can easily be repaired if it ever chips. Bonding is a strong and durable solution but will discolor and need replacement in time.

Patients no longer need to continue with damaged teeth when a treatment as simple as bonding provides a beautiful, cost-effective, simple solution.