What is Bonding?

If you have teeth that are slightly cracked, chipped, or slightly discolored, bonding is a solution that can give you the confidence to show your beautiful smile and perhaps even improve your ability to chew your food thoroughly. Bonding is a quick and usually simple method of filling in minor chips and breaks in front teeth.

How it Works

A tooth colored composite resin material can be chemically adhered or “bonded” to your teeth to repair damage. This is a cost effective solution as it’s significantly less expensive compared to crowns and veneers. Bonding can often be completed in a single office visit, doesn’t typically require anesthesia unless it’s replacing a filling, doesn’t require multiple visits, and it can easily be repaired if it ever chips. Bonding is a strong and durable solution but will discolor and need replacement in time.

Patients no longer need to continue with damaged teeth when a treatment as simple as bonding provides a beautiful, cost effective, simple solution.


      what our patients are saying

      Dr Mantel is a very caring and honest dentist. He took his time in explaining the process of Invisalign to me last year and never pressured me into getting it today I finally went to him to put them on I can’t even tell they are on, best of all neither can anyone else. Thank you Dr David Mantel and staff at Dental Team.


      Just started going here and have never seen a staff as warm and friendly and the dentists and technicians as well! Hate to say it but I am ALMOST looking forward to going to the dentist again ...


      Had dental work performed over several months, tops and bottoms. Excellent and caring staff. Happy with what they did, and they tapped my insurance for the max amount.


      The people at this office are caring! The dentists made me confident in their abilities. Had a wonderful experience, will go back